Post-Conference Workshops


Demetra George

Healing the 12th House

The 12th house has been understood as the repository of suffering that arises from everyone, whether it is due to trauma, the shadow, karma, or past lives.  It is also known as a path to spiritual transcendence.  By an in-depth exploration of the 12th house planets and rulers, this workshop will point toward identifying the nature of our suffering and the potential and means for healing and realization.  Traditional techniques will be layered with psychological counseling for a unique approach to interpreting this painful but redemptive sector of human experience.

Bill Meridian

Recent Developments in Planetary Stock Selection

As of June 30th, 2016, Bill’s Cycles Research service is ranked number 2 in stock market timing for the prior year by Timer Digest, a Ct.-based independent rating agency. The speaker pioneered the use of the first-trade charts as well as computerized financial astrology. New research has yielded even more accurate forecasting and stock selection. Now, Bill can tell you how many times Mars hitting the MC of a chart has moved the stock up and down, or Jupiter over an angle or a planet. This material is completely new and attendees will be seeing this information for the first time. The subjects will include the Jupiter Return method, the Mars-Neptune method, and stock group analysis, to name a few. Come and hear a top-ranked international market timer describe techniques and cases from the investment world.