Video Q+A Interview with Lynn Bell.

NCGR interview with Lynn Bell by Nadia Smirnova-Mierau. 

Lynn Bell gives a pre-conference workshop on 'Secrets of Solar Returns'.

Each birthday bring a new Solar Return with its powerful focus on the year ahead.  We will unravel the secrets of this fascinating technique, its 19-year cycles, and its activation of the birth potential through resonant patterns, including the Moon’s movement through the elements.  Solar Returns show the paths we are asked to walk in a particular year, and they can be extraordinary tools in our own lives and that of our clients.

Lynn Bell gives a lecture on Sunday, 02/19/17 entitled
'Border Crossings — The 8th House'.

The 8th house describes the many border crossings of our lives, from sexual initiation, to the passage between life and death.  As the entrance to the underworld in Hellenistic astrology, it plunges us into the unknown, and offers an initiation.  Depression and guilt may often be symptoms of being “stuck” here.  How best to complete the metamorphoses required by transits or natal planets in this house? 

A long time tutor for the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, Lynn lives in Paris where she has had an active consulting practice for over 30 years.  She teaches internationally and has lectured at most of the major conferences in the world: in Europe, Australia and the US.  Lynn is greatly respected for her insightful, perceptive and innovative astrologers teachings.  Her original work into astrological family patterns can be found in her book Planetary Threads (Ibis Press), which is also published in Mandarin.  Her other books are Cycles of Light:  Solar Returns and The Mars Quartet.  She has also taught for Caroline Myss’s CMED Institute and for Wisdom University’s New Chartres School.

Nadia Smirnova-Mierau

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