Q+A Interview with Maurice Fernandez

Maurice Fernandez is on the faculty of The Many Faces of Astrology Conference, where he will be presenting a lecture entitled The Great Pluto-Saturn Cycles: Life Before and After 2020. This Q+A Interview with Maurice is part of a series that we will be featuring with others conference faculty members.


Q: How did you start your practice? And do you have any advice for the student who wants to begin to practice?

A: I was always very open about my studies and interest in astrology, and when people heard that, they asked for readings. I didn’t think initially that it would pick up and become the central focus of my life, even though I was very involved with it.

I would advise anyone who is interested in practicing astrology to get the book The Professional Astrologer published by OPA (the Organization for Professional Astrology). It contains a wealth of info and tips about ways to make it happen.

Q: Do you have any advice on how to study astrology?

A: I would say there are three important ways to study astrology, and every student needs to go through all three channels, although not necessarily in this order:

Width: Expose yourself to diversity through online resources, books, and conferences. Understand the wide spectrum of this system and language.

Depth: Find a mentor who will provide rigor and organize the knowledge. Dedicate yourself to a complete cycle of study with that mentor.

Height: Learn from practice and experience. Do charts to your family and friends, and then later learn from client work experience. In this phase, you can bring new insights from your own experience/research to the wider body of knowledge that is astrology.

Q: How would you describe your astrological focus or area of study?

A: Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness—basically a perspective that provides a deep understanding of the Soul’s evolutionary process. It gets to the WHY bottom line of the questions of our lives. While many astrology perspectives can identify certain traits or situations in a chart, this approach focuses on understand why these circumstances occurred at all.

Q: How do you see the Internet changing the face of astrology, in study as well as in practice?

A: I believe the Internet has completely opened the professional field of astrology. This is what allows the practice to increase its reach and become global, and for astrologers not to have to rely on local clients only—a major factor in the ability for astrologers to make a living.

Q: If you are an astrologer who works in various parts of the country or the world, do you notice any differences in your clients and their concerns?

Yes! For example I noticed that about 85% of clients that come to me from Scandinavia have either their Sun, or Moon, or Ascendant in Virgo or in the 6th house. Ha ha…

As a counselor it is critical to understand the culture we work with, beyond the chart specifics. Americans tend to be very individualistic while Middle Eastern cultures put more focus on family and tribe. In some cultures divorce is a huge taboo; this needs to be understood when addressing relationship questions for example.

Q: Do you find much of a difference between in-person readings and remote readings?

A: My office can remain messy with remote readings…and we save on gas and time stuck in traffic.

As far as the content goes, the quality of the reading is identical. When I first started doing remote readings, I was concerned they wouldn’t be as effective, but that is not the case. The dialogues and exchange retain the necessary depth.

About Maurice Fernandez

Maurice, author of the books Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces (2016 edition) and Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness – Volume One, is a world leading Evolutionary Astrologer.  Maurice currently serves as the President of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), and has forged a worldwide reputation of depth and excellence for his training program, publications and counseling work.  He is currently based in Hawaii.  You can find Maurice on Facebook. His website is www.mauricefernandez.com.

Maurice at The Many Faces of Astrology Conference

On Saturday, February 18, Maurice is giving a lecture entitled The Great Pluto-Saturn Cycles: Life Before and After 2020. In describing his lecture, he notes:

"A powerful new Pluto/Saturn cycle begins on 1/12/2020, in conjunction to the Sun, Ceres and Mercury at 22 Capricorn.  This conjunction happens to occur in conjunction with the very nodal axis of Pluto and Saturn.  To better understand the times coming, Maurice will explore the overall nature of Pluto/Saturn cycles, their fundamental purpose, and effects on personal and collective levels."