Video Q+A Interview with Alphee Lavoie

Financial Astrology, Horary Astrology, Eclipses. NCGR interview with Alphee Lavoie by Nadia Smirnova-Mierau.

Alphee Lavoie gives a lecture on Fryday, 02/17/17 entitled 'My new research on eclipses and new moons will blow your mind'.

'In this lecture, I’ll cover how transiting Eclipses and New Moons set up windows of importance, showing specific departments of life that will demand a lot of your attention. My Astro-Investigators research group has completed many statistical research projects proving how important these two celestial phenomena are. This will make you a better astrologer in forecasting and will help your tremendously when rectifying birth charts. In my 50 years as a full time, professional astrologer, I regard this as one of the most helpful discoveries.'

For over half a century, Alphee Lavoie has been a successful, full time counseling astrologer.  He has lectured all over the world and authored three bestselling Horary books.  He has been writing a monthly column on Horary for DELL Horoscope for over 15 years.  He has served on the NCGR board for many years as Research Director and also served on the board of AFAN.  He is the founder of the acclaimed Astro-Investigator Research Group (‘GATORS , for short) and has created 23 award-winning astrologer software programs.

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