Q+A Interview with Joyce Levine

Joyce Levine of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is professional astrologer with 30+ years' experience.  Her clients include individuals, couples, families, and businesses. Joyce is the Clerk of NCGR and President of its Boston Chapter. She is the winner of the Regulus Award for Community Service at UAC2012.  See www.joycelevine.com.


Q: How did you get introduced to astrology?

A: I was first introduced to astrology by a friend who had started to study it.  It turns out that she actually calculated my chart inaccurately, but even so told me things about myself that I would never had expected anyone to know.  At the time I was in my twenties, in college studying psychology.  I planned on taking a year off between college and graduate school.  I moved to Boston, which was a mecca for astrology in the 1970s.  At the first astrology class I took, I was hooked.  I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life.  It took me about six years of serious study and learning how to begin to support myself, before I took the leap of faith to become a full-time astrologer.  That was in late 1979, and I’ve been a full-time astrologer ever since.  I was fortunate as my prime teacher, Oscar Weber, helped me get started by referring clients to me that couldn’t afford his fees.  Oscar is generally not remembered outside of the Boston area as he never wrote any books.  He was President of the AFA in the 1960s and had a thriving consulting practice until he retired.

Q: Do you have any advice on how to study astrology? 

As to how to study astrology, I would advise budding astrologers to study as many different fields of astrology as possible early on.  Eventually they will find the ones that speak to them and that’s what they should pursue.  In all likelihood, no two astrologers practice in the same way.  I tell my students that they will know astrology when they can look at a chart and have it “talk to them.” 

Q: What do you feel is the role of astrologer to the contemporary client?

A: My clients range a cross-section of the population.  On one end, a mother of a new born may come to have the child’s chart analyzed.  On the end, I may be helping a business person with timing as to when to incorporate or seek venture capital money.  People who consult me initially are usually at some crossroads.  They’re facing some type of problem in their life and they want to take a step back and look at it.  It can be career, relational, or just a sense that life isn’t going the way it should be.  After the initial consultation, the timing of future consultation varies.  Some people may see me once and never come again, or else they may show up when they have what they perceive as the next problem.  On the other end, I have many clients that I’ve had for ten to twenty years--and believe it or not, some for over thirty years who still consult me once every six months (like going to the dentist for a checkup).

Q:  How do you see the remaining years of Pluto in Capricorn?

A: As to Pluto in Capricorn, I wrote a very long article for the NCGR Journal in 2012.  The following is a link to that article for anyone who would care to read it.  http://joycelevine.com/Uranus%20-%20Pluto.htm


Joyce is giving a lecture entitled Relationships. In describing her lecture, she notes:

"All relationships reflect the relationship we have with ourselves.  Emotional and psychological patterns in the birth chart enhance or inhibit relationships.  A relationship with another person can only bring forth what an individual is already like.  This presentation identifies relational patterns and how to begin working through inherent difficulties.  Synastry is defined more as synergy than whether or not the aspects are harsh or favorable."

Her lecture will take place on Friday, 02/17/17.


Joyce Levine of Cambridge, MA, is a professional astrologer with 30+ years experience.  Joyce is the Clerk of NCGR, President of its Boston Chapter, CA NCGR-PAA in Consulting, and PMAFA since 1979.  She is the winner of the Regulus Award for Community Service at UAC 2012.  Publications includeBreakthrough Astrology and Beginner’s Guide to Astrological Interpretation.  Transformational CD’s:  Self-Help: Meditation, Creative Visualization, Healing Anger, Contacting Your Guardian Angel.  Integrating Astrological Cycles: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn, Jupiter.

Website:  www.joycelevine.com

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