Q+A Interview with Misty Kuceris

Misty Kuceris is on the faculty of The Many Faces of Astrology Conference, where she will be presenting a lecture entitled Society Re-Boots: Jupiter in Libra and Its Cardinal T-Square Energy with Uranus and Pluto in 2016 and 2017.


Q: How did you get introduced to astrology?

A: I’ve been blessed that my entire family (on both sides) has always found astrology important. I read books on astrology from at least the age of 10. When I was in my freshman year at Boston Conservatory of Music, I prayed that I would meet someone who could teach me meditation techniques. The person I met went to a meditation group at Boston University taught by Isabel “Izzie” Hickey and Mitch. The rest is history. In addition to studying meditation with Izzie, I also studied astrology with her. The one thing that she told me was that the only way to learn astrology was to give five natal chart readings a week and charge for them so I wouldn’t create any negative karma. I followed her advice.


Q: How did you start your practice? And do you have any advice for the student who wants to begin practice?

A: I actually started my practice when Izzie (Isabel Hickey) told me to give natal readings and charge for them. At that time (in the late 1960s) I only charged $5.00 for a natal reading and had to calculate everything by hand. Computers weren’t in the picture at that time. By doing readings on a regular basis, I was able to hone my skill in a very short time period. Within months I started having a regular clientele.

When students start studying with me, I recommend that they start giving natal readings during their study process. I also recommend that they charge a nominal fee. The reason for the recommendation of charging a fee is two-fold: They approach the individuals they read for on a professional basis and they prevent themselves from creating a karmic link with another individual.

Once a student wants to actually begin a consulting business, I have additional advice. Strange as it may seem, I recommend they do not call their business a “practice.” They are skilled individuals ready to make a commitment to a way of life. They are no longer “practicing” the development of their skill. After that brief discussion (very brief – one sentence), I go into the following recommendations:

* Decide on the type of astrological guidance you wish to give:

           * Personal which involves the general questions of love, money, family, career, and health

           * Business which involves the areas of incorporations, strategic planning, and organizational development

* Decide on the demographics you want to serve

* Decide how you want to work, such as:

           * Hours and days of the week

           * Telephone only consultations

           * In-person consultation and where:

                 * Home-based office

                 * Rented office space

                 * Client’s office

* Develop a marketing approach to reach your selected individuals

* Determine what you need to reach these individuals, such as:

           * Website

           * Social media

           * Email software

           * Data base software

* Determine your start-up costs based on what you need to reach these individuals

* Determine your yearly operational cost

I also discuss the importance of boundaries, both physical and ethical.

It’s important, when you develop a business that you remember there is a difference between a business client and a personal friend. While you may conduct sessions for friends and family members, you’re really doing that because you love them and are concerned for them in an intimate way. You have a vested interest in their well-being. However, when you run a business, you are a facilitator for your clients. You may need to see them on a professionally social basis, but they are not your friends in the intimate way of friendship.

It’s also important that you set specific work hours for your consultations. It’s true that self-employed people actually work more hours than the employee does, but that’s because when you’re self-employed you’re also responsible for the administration and marketing of your business which, when you first start your business, can take up to 60% (or more) of your work time. However, when you set up specific work hours for your consultations, your clients treat you with more respect and understand the true purpose of astrology, which is not to use it as a crutch but rather as a tool.

You may also be interested to know that I actually developed and taught a course for eight years at the George Washington University, in Washington, DC, on how to start and market a freelance business. In addition, I’ve taught seminars on how to write a business plan.


Q: What do you feel is the role of astrologer to the contemporary client?

A: I find this an interesting question since I’m curious about the definition you would give to the words “contemporary client.” What I do feel is that the role of an astrologer to any client is to provide solid and consistent advice which facilitates the success of the client’s life. With my personal clients this means that we discuss their current cycles in life and how to best use the energy to move forward with their current concerns. Personally, I see my role as a facilitator to personal clients.

When it comes to my business and corporate clients, my role is that of an advisor. The purpose of these appointments is to develop a strategic marketing plan based on current and future trends in order to grow their businesses. Just as any business consultant, it’s important to discuss potential game plans, their possible merits, and their potential drawbacks.


Q: How would you describe your astrological focus or area of study?

A: I have two strong areas of astrological focus: Personal and Business consulting which are both based on my view of astrology and its role in the world.

I view astrology as the understanding of cycles which operate in the world: Whether these cycles are on a micro-level (very personal) or on a macro-level (global and economic).

When I work with individuals, I realize that they are born as transits to their parents and the world. They are a small sliver of very important energy which permeates life and propels the world forward. They have lessons to learn which they bring from past life times. They have successes to experience which come from the lessons they’ve learned. Through understanding their personal cycles, they can increase their ability to define success, live that success, and use the lessons they’ve learned for personal and professional growth.

When I work with business and corporate clients, I recognize they are looking for the best way to grow and increase their business. The astrological cycles that we work with are those which are critical to developing a strategic plan for success. Some cycles enable us to develop a stronger marketing plan. Other cycles enable us to review their hiring strategies. Basically we are looking at the current and future trends in order to understand the potential impact these trends have on their business.

In order to help my clients, it is important to continue my study of cycles, both personal and global. This study involves understanding the impact of the cycles from the past as well as the current socio-psychological attitudes and product developments. Through the study of these various areas, I extrapolate the potential trends which can occur as we move into the future.


Q: Can you give us a preview of your presentation?

A: The title of my lecture is Society Re-Boots: Jupiter in Libra and Its Cardinal T-Square Energy with Uranus and Pluto in 2016 and 2017. When it comes to the study of cycles it’s important to understand past events when these cycles occurred previously as well as the socio-psychological, political, and product events surrounding those past occurrences. There are times when these past events indicate that cycles will move on to the next level. There are other times when these past events indicate that cycles are actually moments of retrospection where society needs to “re-boot” before it can move forward into the next phase. My lecture, Society Re-Boots, focuses on a time period in 2016 and 2017 where people need to review the past in order to understand how to move into the next cycle of change which will have a major impact on their lives. It will also focus on some of those potential changes which will impact each of us personally.


Q: Do you find much difference between in-person readings and remote readings?

A: I don’t find any difference between in-person readings and remote readings. The goal of any appointment is the same: To aid the client in best understanding their circumstances and approaching life with the best solution based on their astrological cycles. This is true whether my clients are meeting with me in person or long-distance for a personal session or a business consultation.


Misty at The Many Faces of Astrology Conference

Misty is giving a lecture entitled Society Re-Boots: Jupiter in Libra and Its Cardinal T-Square Energy with Uranus and Pluto in 2016 and 2017. In describing her lecture, she notes:

"It’s back: The cardinal T-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto! This time with Jupiter in Libra. When this cardinal T-square occurred in 2013, Jupiter was in the sign of Cancer and the world was ablaze with revolution hoping to lean people to a better life. Now the focus is shifting. Spiritually, the focus will be on home and security. Politically, the focus will be on global approaches to the economy, population redistribution and technological changes."

Her lecture will take place on Sunday, February 19.


About Misty Kuceris

Misty Kuceris, ISAR-CAP, is a professional astrologer working with individuals in facilitating their personal goals as well as corporate leaders in achieving their corporate goals. She is co-founder of NOVA Astrology Group, LLC, in the greater DC metropolitan region. She sits on the board of NCGR-Annapolis and is a former board member of NCGR-National. She also writes an astrological column for “Pathways” magazine and a monthly astrological column on her website. Website: www.mistykuceris.com. She can be reached at misty@EnhanceOneself.com.





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