Next February, we'll be gathering together in Baltimore for the national NCGR Conference. Entitled The Many Faces of Astrology, the conference will honor the multitude of different people, approaches, perspectives, and realms of study that constitute the field of astrology.

To keep you updated with conference happenings, we decided to create this News section of the website. Here you'll find updates on conference activities, interesting things to do in Baltimore, ways to connect with fellow attendees, and more.

Additionally, reflecting the conference's dedication to education, and not wanting to wait until next year to fulfill on this aim, we are also going to use this platform as an educational vehicle. One of the features we're especially excited about is the Q+A Interviews we're doing with conference faculty members.

We'll be posting these News Posts on the Conference Facebook and Twitter pages so you can keep up with them there.

If you have any questions about this News section, don't hesitate to contact Nadia Mierau at nadia@physicsofastrology.com.

Enjoy the Conference News, and see you next year in Baltimore!


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