Video Q+A Interview with Capulus.

Capulus has been practicing astrology and astrological magic for 20 years.  He studied with the astrologers, Luis Lesur and Robert Zoller, and was the previous president of the Mexico City Chapter of NCGR.  He teaches about Neoplatonism and its relationship with mystical practices of Late Antiquity, Greek Religion, as well as Medieval and Renaissance philosophy, at the National University (UNAM) in Mexico City.  He is currently about to get his Ph.D. on ancient philosophy on the philosopher, Proclus, and astrology.  Capulus works as a consulting astrologer, and teaches about Astrology, Tarot, Geomancy, Mythology, etc., to his own groups as well as in diverse alterative cultural centers and deep psychology institutes in the capital and other cities in Mexico.  He also has been initiated into diverse Afro-Caribbean mystery traditions, which he integrates into his astrological consultations and therapeutic work. Capulus has written for several academic and alternative publications in Spanish and in English.  Currently, he is participating in some academic projects on philosophical therapy, and regarding the edition and transition of texts on magic and divination from Antiquity to the Renaissance.  He is also preparing a book on horary astrology, soon to be published.


Capulus is giving a lecture entitled "Ancient Astrological Magic and Theurgy as Contemporary Therapeutical Tools" on Saturday, Feb 18.

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