Session 3 Lectures


Margaret Gray

Understanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive Relationship Patterns

There are few of us who have not experienced a compulsive or addictive relationship pattern in our lifetime.  Understanding the key astrological, mythological and psychological features of these relationship patterns enables us to choose new life enhancing ways of living out the powerful planetary archetypes at their core.  I look forward to you joining me today as we explore the key astrological and psychological features of these archetypal energies and ways of transforming them.



Ancient Astrological Magic and Theurgy as Contemporary Therapeutical Tools

This presentation covers the analysis of several horary, event, electional and natal charts related to everyday magical practices, spiritual visions, possessions by the gods, experiences of the ancestors, witchcraft, etc., as they occur in various Latin American countries.  The comparative context we will use to understand these practices is theurgy, the Platonic mystical tradition where Astrology has a fundamental and eminent role.  The practitioners of the contemporary Afro-Caribbean traditions of wisdom are analogous and strikingly similar to those of Late Antiquity Hellenism.


Planetary Stations That Change Your Life

When planets change motion by secondary progression, life-changing events are often experienced.  The intensity of the experience is determined by the strength of that planet in the natal chart.  This lecture will cover stations by secondary progression in a natal chart as well as planetary stations that occur by transit.  Sample charts will be used to demonstrate the effects on human experience.



David Perloff

Mental Chemistry — A Legacy of Marc Edmund Jones

Astrologer, Marc Edmund Jones, introduced the concept of Mental Chemistry, which gives tremendous insight into how a person receives and processes information of all sorts. This is an easy-to-determine, though largely underused technique.  Using charts of many public figures, we will discuss how to determine a person’s Mental Chemistry, and how to use this to better understand ourselves, our clients and the people around us. 


Gates of Ivory, Gates of Horn: The 9th House and Dream Interpretation

Ancient astrologers placed divination by dreams under the auspices of the 9th house in a world where many temple healing sanctuaries contained dream incubation chambers.  But not all dreams were considered to be reliable omens.  Learn a method used by medieval astrologers to judge whether the indications of a dream are true or false, and if true, the dream’s source, symbolism and final outcome.  These insights can be used as an adjunct in modern dream analysis therapies.


Session 4 Lectures


Winai Ouypornprasert

Know Your Fate From Asteroids 

Four asteroids can tell you the overview of your fate:  Moira, Klotho, Lachesis and Atropos.  They will tell your fate for any activity in an overall picture, at the initial stage, in on-going stage, and the final stage, respectively.  Within the framework of the Research Project at UACT (the Uranian Astrologers Club, Thailand), the simple application of degree symbols together with these asteroids showed fascinating results for the fate of our club members.


Chris Brennan

Interpreting the Rulers of the Houses and Timing Their Activation

One of the keys to chart synthesis is learning how to interpret the rulers of the twelve houses when they are located in different houses.  For example, what does it mean when the ruler of the 11th house is in the 9th house?  In this presentation, attendees will learn how to interpret these placements, as well as how to identify when they will become activated during specific years in a person’s life by using annual profections.

Monica Escalante

Harmonic Age Chart

The Harmonic Age Chart is an age-old astrological technique, which is very useful as a predictive and rectification tool, which unfortunately is almost unknown by most astrologers today. As a predictive technique, it is similar to the Solar Return, but the Harmonic Age Chart is much more accurate, and it can also be studied by month or even by day. This presentation will have a theoretical part as well as an experiential part.


Gary Christen

The Whole Sky

The Greeks centered astrology on the ecliptic and older cultures focused on the horizon.  While the zodiac is great for using the planets in horoscopes, what about the rest of the heavens?  This presentation focuses on things that are not exactly on the ecliptic, such as fixed stars, and shows how to integrate them into new chart forms.  We will also look at the importance of the horizon beyond things like the Ascendant.  These thoughts are derived from ideas underlying Symmetrical Astrology, and it is suitable for all astrologers from beginner to professional.


A Brief Introduction to Archetypal Astrology

The word, “archetype,” has become synonymous with depth psychologist, Carl Jung, though archetypes are far more than Jungian in nature, and they can provide a unique lens of insight for astrologers.  The late James Hillman, one of Jung’s students and former Director of the Jung Institute in Zurich, developed the field of archetypal psychology, a psychology rooted in imagination and the imagery associated with archetypes.  This presentation explores the nature of archetypes in this vein, and how they can work in the field of archetypal astrology. 


Lunchtime Learning Sessions


Nadia smirnova-Mierau


Scientific explanation of Astrology is a highly controversial subject among skeptics and astrologers alike.  Physics of astrology or science of a mechanism by which celestial bodies affect us on a physical level gives one a deeper understating of astrology and reality, in general.  Knowing how planetary gravity and electromagnetism come into play leads to unbelievable revelation of the meaning of one’s life experiences.  If you want to be able to take one skeptic at a time and successfully convert him into a “believer,” then all you need to know is the word, “gravity,” and a few more words I can teach you.


Victoria Peltz-Smoot


The evidence of sacred geometry and star studies in Ancient Egypt is abundant and fascinating.  This presentation reveals how the ancients used their observations, and how their cosmology and precise time-keeping influences the traditions we use today.


Ursula Stockder


This presentation will cover an overview of the roots of symbolism, the difference between a sign and a symbol, the importance of color and music, and how astrology influenced art throughout the centuries.


Ian Waisler


Astrology conveys many maps of the body, some known and some novel.  Come explore where these maps live in your own body, senses and perceptive faculties.  Maybe a new connection will speak to you!  We’ll play with stances and seats, and listen through posture for echoes of Spirit and Soul.



Session 5 Lectures


Mitchell Lewis

Financial Astrology and Planetary Cycles 

Learn what we can expect in our financial markets for the coming year and as we head toward the imposing conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in 2020.  We will examine the history of the DOW and the influence powerful configurations such as this one have had in the past.  Are we heading for another crash?  How can you best protect your investments and diversity your holdings to your best advantage.


Laura Nalbandian


We feel it….a well of grief, a void never-ending.  We seek to quiet those feelings, to fill the void, whether with food, relationships, career….Ceres (a/k/a Demeter) represents the deep and misplaced desire to replace what has been lost….often with something that still leaves us “hungry.”  Laura explores Ceres’s myth, describing what sustains us at a deeper and more fulfilling level.

Maurice Fernandez

The Great Pluto-Saturn Cycles: Life Before and After 2020

A powerful new Pluto/Saturn cycle begins on 1/12/2020, in conjunction to the Sun, Ceres and Mercury at 22 Capricorn.  This conjunction happens to occur in conjunction with the very nodal axis of Pluto and Saturn.  To better understand the times coming, Maurice will explore the overall nature of Pluto/Saturn cycles, their fundamental purpose, and effects on personal and collective levels.



2017: The Year Ahead

To have a bright and productive year ahead, I’ll prepare you for the upcoming Venus Retrograde, the current eclipses as well as those next summer, and other important planetary features of 2017.

leisa schaim

Repeating Years, Repeating Themes: Age Repetitions in Annual Profections

The technique of annual profections is a fascinating way to see the hidden connections between certain years of a person’s life.  Specific themes repeat at set ages, while how those topics are experienced, relate to the condition of chart placements as well as current astrological timing.  This presentation will explain the basics of how to use this simple, but powerful, technique, and then will show case studies of these repetitions over time using example charts. 


Session 6 Lectures


Leigh Westin

Declination's Many Faces

Come think out of the box and grasp declination:  the premise, a rich tapestry of Earth’s dynamics, yielding life cycles and out-of-bounds theory; the foundation of antisicia, yielding declination’s power points and hinge-pin of major mundane events; longitude equivalent charts, yielding information unavailable in longitude charts; lifetime graphs, yielding dated results, even clients can see; and Lunar Seasons, making seasonal changes in every life.  Each demonstrated and easily understood by beginner and professional.


Kira Sutherland

Nature's 7 Healers & the Zodiac

In Naturopathy, there is a system of healing referred to as “Nature’s 7 Doctors.”  They are the seven principles to live by to create health, wellbeing and balance in our lives.  By combining these seven principles with the seven most inner planets, Kira will take you on a journey through your natal chart, understanding the symbolism and health impact that each of these planets can have on your health, and how we can use them to create more balance and wellness in our lives.  Come enjoy a new application of medical astrology with a modern twist.


The Astrology of "Avatar"

While “Avatar II” is set to open in 2017, Part I conveyed a strong message that reflected the emerging of a relatively new form of consciousness and moved a sharp critic to Western culture.  In this presentation, we will explore and discuss these emerging values, touch upon the archetypal symbolism, while mainly analyzing the chart of Sigourney Weaver/Grace Augustine, who is the “mother/scientist” of the Avatar project and experiences first-hand the conflict between the worlds of the Na’vi and humans.


Brad Kochunas

Elemental Spirituality

In spirituality and spiritual astrology, the predominant imagery is of light and ascension, reflecting the elements of fire and air.  This elemental lopsidedness not only fractures the wholeness of spirituality, but it imperils the way we understand astrology as a spiritual tool.  This presentation focuses upon rejuvenating earth and water as ways for coming back to our sense, and adding substance and depth to our spirituality and to our astrology.

Gary Caton

Secrets of the Retrograde Loops

Everyone is fascinated by retrograde motion, but what does it really mean?  There are 8 distinct latitudinal loops potentially traced in the sky by a planet during its retrograde motion, depending on its relationship with its nodal axis.  Join me to uncover the secret meanings of these individual dances.



NCGR-PAA Graduation
Dinner with Caroline Casey

The Powerful Magic that Comes in Dangerous Times - Birth of Citizen Trickster-Bodhisattva Coyote!

At this Council of Trickster Redeemers, disguised as a banquet, let’s have a guiding metaphoric feast, animating the guiding astro*mytho*politico guiding meta-narrative. We welcome myth, faery tales and detective novels as all proffering guidance to us now.(And for even more fun we explore the resonance betwixt 11.9.1938, 11.9.1989, 11.9.2016. “History doesn’t repeat itself - but it rhymes.” (Mark Twain) Let’s all get ready to “dree our weird,” - “Play our role in destiny” at this Time of Dire Beauty.


Dance Your Faces Off!

With DJ Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

All attendees invited!