Great Historical Eclipses and Their Paths

Some eclipses are more vital than others. They occur at key moments in history, and they shadow the areas affected. They can be re-energized in the future, reviving old themes and issues. The most important ones will be presented with projections for the future.




Charts Are Made in Heaven: Astronomy Class

Why do Eclipses need the Nodes?  All about Soli-Lunar Astronomy.   In this visual graphic presentation, you will get a solid understanding of what the Lunar Nodes are, their cyclical shift, and how they represent the relationship between the Sun and the Moon.  Learn about life periods that are based on that, and how it applies to chart work.  The Lunar Nodes are the place where the Sun, Moon and Earth meet – where they all hang out together.  Additional lunar topics, such as Black Moon, Parallax Moon and the Saros Cycle will be discussed too.



Lunchtime Learning Sessions


Joanne Castro

Welcome to Your Midlife Crisis

There are transits and there are Transits!    There are certain major life transits that we all go through at around the same age.  One of the biggest combination of these occurs in our 40's and is commonly referred to as "Midlife Crisis.” The way this affects each of us will differ based on various factors in our charts.  These outer planetary cycles have powerful effects, bringing opportunities for growth and self-actualization.


Grace K. Morris, M.A. 

The economy, real estate and business cycles for 2017

We’ll look at the astrological cycles that have worked for over 100 years in real estate, business and the economy. What an advantage we have in our own financial life, in working with clients and in sharing with the world that astrology works! Learn how to use these cycles.


Arlene Marcia Nimark

Family Dynamics.  

The focus of the talk is; finding and diagnosing planetary patterns and pictures,  showing the close bonds that hold some families togetherand drive others apart.  In some cases sibling rivalry is truly hate and we will investigate how mommy and or daddy contribute to their behavior. With the use of the 360 and 90 degree dials we will be able to explore the inner dynamic of family patterns and how they are played out between the members.



Session 1 Lectures




Jagdish maheshri

Basic Principles of Interpreting a Vedic Chart

This will cover basic steps that one could follow to read a Vedic chart.  It includes the major differences between the western and eastern (Vedic) charts, traditional and contemporary Vedic charts, Vedic chart formats as opposed to western chart format, a detailed natal chart analysis that includes houses, planets and the zodiac signs, and their interactions, the concept of ninefold (navamansha) chart and its application to assess the overall planetary strength of the natal chart.  (Houses, planets and zodiac signs and their interrelationships). 


Alphee Lavoie


My new research on eclipses and new moons will blow your mind


In this lecture, I’ll cover how transiting Eclipses and New Moons set up windows of importance, showing specific departments of life that will demand a lot of your attention.  My Astro-Investigators research group has completed many statistical research projects proving how important these two celestial phenomena are.  This will make you a better astrologer in forecasting and will help your tremendously when rectifying birth charts.  In my 50 years as a full time, professional astrologer, I regard this as one of the most helpful discoveries.


Baris Ilhan

Astrology's Bad Boys: Houses 6, 8, & 12

We all learn that houses 6, 8 and 12 are considered as bad houses in astrology.  What does this really mean?  Is that always so?  When there are planets there, what are we supposed to do?  Are we cursed?  During this presentation, we will challenge this idea with the basic principles of Sufism.

Peter Gadek

Solar Arc—History, Development, Variations & Practice Use

It is clear Solar Arc Directions evolved out of Primary Directions.  Both systems seem to share the same principle: 1 degree for 1 year.  Still, they are very different.  In this lecture, we will review predictive techniques, compare these two kinds of Directions, combine them with other techniques for prediction as well as rectification, learn their history and put them into practical applications.


Kathy Allan

Predicting Daily Stock Market Movement Using Astrology and Technical Analysis

The daily movement of the DJIA is largely influenced by perfecting geocentric aspects that the Sun and Venus make to each other and other planets.  Since these transits only indicate an influx of energy and not market direction, combining astrology with traditional technical analysis, specifically resistance and support trend lines, is a valuable strategy for maximizing profits and minimizing losses in both an up and down market.


Session 2 Lectures


Lynn Koiner

Astrological & Psychological Signatures of Radicalized Youth

This lecture will discuss the astrological and psychological profiles for Radicalized Terrorists, specifically for the current “3rd Wave” of terrorists.  Since 2013, I have attended monthly G-TEC briefings with David Major, Director of the Counter Intelligence Centre, and I have collected psychological profiles and birth data for these individuals.  Data has come from Spypedia.  I also have had discussions with FBI and CIA agents who have made recommendations.  Fortunately, one of the leading researchers on such profiles, Anne Speckhard, is a professor in Washington, D.C.  My access to profile research of psychotherapists is the basis of my own research.


Patricia Walsh

Imagery, Storytelling & Astrology

Storytelling activates both the right and left hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, allowing information to be processed and integrated holistically.  As astrologers, our left brain often takes the lead when analyzing all the information in a natal chart.  Engaging the right brain by using storytelling and imaging in counseling, or even to understand your own chart, can enhance the way you use astrology.  Patricia will describe creative ways to incorporate imagery and the power of imagination in your practice and will guide you in a journey to open up to this process experientially, by inviting the moon to tell you something about your own personal story. 


Christeen Skinner

A Basket of Currencies

The end of this decade offers a curious planetary line up with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for the first time since the 13th Century.  Jupiter and Saturn move on to form a conjunction at 0 Aquarius – an important degree in a key chart for Bitcoin.  This talk considers how various currencies might fare in the coming years.


Adam Gainsburg

All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equal

All Western astrology shares the round horoscopic wheel as its main tool.  Yet how much of the celestial reality do our chart wheels portray?  The truth is, not very much at all.  This lecture will utilize the visually compelling and misunderstood Conjunction to demonstrate the many “types” of conjunctions, and how a rudimentary understanding of the sky as a backdrop, against which each conjunction occurs, is essential for delineating each type.

Nadiya Shah

Astrology Realized: What Makes A Reading "Good"? 

Astrology is, at heart, a practice of allegory.  It involves looking at the sky with a poetic mind.  Astrologers have, at various points in history, considered a successful reading in very different terms, aiming for different outcomes, from their own processes to the experience of the client.  This presentation explores that definition of a “good” reading by considering the historical developments, philosophical orientation, and personal clarity that we bring to our practice as astrologers.



Membership Meeting

Get to know the NCGR Board Members and find out more about the organization.


Gathering In the Trade Area

Join us for drinks and socializing in the Trade Show area.  Get to know NCGR better and meet other organizations.