Pre-Conference Workshops



Timing Peaks and Transitions in Your Career and Life Direction

Learn how to time peak periods and transitions in a person’s career and life direction by using an ancient timing technique known as Zodiacal Releasing. This technique was only recently rediscovered through the translation of a second century text, and it is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most powerful and effective predictive techniques available today. Learn how to use the technique to determine high and low points in one's career, as well as periods in which job changes are more likely.


Secrets of Solar Returns

Each birthday bring a new Solar Return with its powerful focus on the year ahead.  We will unravel the secrets of this fascinating technique, its 19-year cycles, and its activation of the birth potential through resonant patterns, including the Moon’s movement through the elements.  Solar Returns show the paths we are asked to walk in a particular year, and they can be extraordinary tools in our own lives and that of our clients.


Pre-Conference Seminars


Christeen Skinner

A Beginner's Guide to Financial Astrology

Intrigued?  Want to know if it works?  Would a little knowledge add to your trading or investing skills?  Should you invest on the New Moon and sell at the Full?  Or the other way around?  That’s just five questions.  You will have many more.  This seminar explores the world of financial astrology – which is not a Black Hole but a place where you can really test correlation between planet positions and activity in the markets.


Jagdish Maheshri

Research Symposium

Although traditional astrological research tends to be subjective, this research symposium is geared towards exploring the areas (and possibilities) where objective research in astrology can be carried out.  With this view, the research symposium will include the researchers who will shed light on both subjective and objective research in astrology.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to network with others who are engaged in astrological research.

Meira Epstein, C.A., NCGR-PAA

Spotlight on NCGR Education: Toward Mastery & Professionalism

The horoscope contains an accumulation of celestial studies that have evolved from antiquity to our time.  It is based on cosmological data, yet varies by different schools, disciplines, techniques and approaches.  Structured studies and solid knowledge of the foundations, the history, and the techniques available will enable you to evaluate which part is suitable for you.  This seminar will answer your questions, define the study material and help you plan your goals.


Gene Shaw

Rectification Techniques

This presentation will emphasize a creative yet technically sound approach for determining an accurate natal chart when the birth data is in doubt.  We’ll explore concepts to help the astrologer prepare mentally for what often seems a daunting challenge.  This seminar also provides a good advanced level review of the major predictive techniques as applied to rectification.  Finally, we’ll observe the complete rectification process, beginning to end, through a number of celebrity charts.


Opening Ceremonies


Financial Panel


A panel discussion with Mitch Lewis, Bill Meridian, Grace Morris, Christeen Skinner and Georgia Stathis focusing on astro- trends for equities, commodities, the US dollar and property markets in 2017. 

This highly experienced panel of business and financial astrologers will make comments on the Dow Jones Index, emerging markets: gold and silver, Brexit, the Euro and USD, as well as likely trends in property markets.